What to Expect During Your Corporate Headshot Session

Arriving For Your Session:
When you arrive I recommend that you call Jason Ludwig at 813-419-2596 to let me know you have arrived and I can meet you at the front door, which might be locked.

I really try to make sure the session is as simple and relaxing as possible for you. The process of the photography session goes something like this:

You come in, we introduce ourselves and I give you a quick tour and you can hang any items up you have on hangers on the rolling rack. I recommend you arrive in casual clothes (if you brought dress clothes) or for men minus the jacket and tie to help you stay cool and relaxed.

We talk a little about what you need exactly, and how you plan to use the headshots for (for instance, you may be a lawyer, a business professional, or an author, etc.).

Shortly after, I’ll talk to you about what makes a great headshot. First, I’ll teach you a few techniques, like the “Hook” for posture and the “Turtle” to reduce any double chins. Next we will practice the slight eye squints that bring out confidence and get rid of that dreaded “Deer in the Headlights” look that so many business portraits are known for.

I am here to coach you through the whole process of creating a great headshot.

Getting Started:
After that, we’ll begin warming up and shooting to dial in the lighting and determine you “good side”. I’ll direct you and be sure you’re in the best poses and have the best expressions. About every 10 minutes, we will take a look at the computer and identify some of your best poses and looks. We will continue to work those poses until you find a few photographs that you love.

I need your help to convey to me anything that you feel needs improvement over the course of the session.

I want nothing more than having you totally satisfied with the outcome and things are for the most part easy to adjust during the session. However, once the session is over then it’s your responsibility to work with the images that we decided to keep. I’m a big deleter and want your shoot saturated with amazing shots, so I have no problem deleting shots during the editing process in order to only keep the best of the best.

Wrapping Up:
At the end of the shoot, we’ll sit down at the computer and go through all of your images and pick out your best ones. We’ll delete any unusable images so you can go home and select the shot(s) you’d like for retouching. Every session includes at least one retouched image. Later that day I will send you an email with a link to an online gallery for you to make you final selection. You can share the link with friends or family if you need any final opinions.

What Happens Next:
If you have selected the photographs that you want to be retouched during your session, I will email you back the touched up images in high resolution within two to three business days (I can rush that time frame if you need it, just ask). I save them in color or black and white and size them for Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook or for Printing. If you have several photographs to consider, I will upload a small JPG version to DropBox and send you the link. You can share the link with friends and family or anyone else you might want feedback from.

And that’s it! You’ve got yourself a new set of professional business portraits.

Preparing For Your Session


For a Corporate One Look Session, you should have received guidance from your office on the style and look for the project.

Remember to press your shirts and collars.

Men please check ahead of time that your shirt and tie have the proper fit around the neck.


Women: You should arrive with Hair and Makeup ready. We have a big mirror in the studio and lint brush. The studio has a large restroom to do any last minute touchups for hair / makeup.

A few days before give yourself a close-up in your mirror and take a look at your eyebrows and skin pores and use any last minute cleansers or exfoliation to have a fresh clean look. Light face makeup is recommended to reduce shine and eye makeup to create some attention around your eyes.

You should arrive with your hair ready. Bring your hair products in case you need to make any final adjustments. We have a big mirror in the studio and lint brush for jackets. There is also a bathroom just down the hall to do any last minute touchups. We do not recommend any makeup on men.

A few days before give yourself a close-up in your mirror and take a look at your eyebrows, nose and ear hairs and trim them up. The camera sees what you see this close. Also check out your skin around your nose and perform a facial scrub or cleanser to have a fresh clean look.

Facial Hair: if you are scheduling later in the day or evening you may need to shave again. If you want to shoot some with stubble we can and then you can shave clean in the bathroom. Bring your gear with you, towel, shaver & shave cream.


Where We Are Located:
First things first, click on this link and print out the directions to the studio with my contact information. If you are good with maps use this link Map & Directions. 

Option One: There are three parking spots in front of the building on Franklin Street and six more South Franklin Street, south of Royal Street: after 6pm and weekends the parking is free.

Option Two: There is also a pay lot on the southeast corner of Franklin and Royal.

Option Three: If you are unable to find parking please call me at 813-419-2596 and I can let you into the gated lot behind the studio. Enter on Fortune Street, make your first left through the gate and park in the visitor or Market One Realty (5th Spot). If you park here, you will enter through the back door near the 7th back door on the right near the fire escape.

I like my clients to be 100% informed, so thanks for taking the time to read all this pertinent information (I know it’s a lot!). If you still have questions feel free to ask.


Jason Ludwig
[email protected]
Phone / Text 813-419-2596