Preparing For Your Corporate Headshot Session

Your headshot session with be approximately 10-15 minutes. Your session is all about. I want you to be relaxed and feeling confident.

We will be setting up in your office a simple clean background with studio lights.

Feeling comfortable with the clothes you are wearing is key. If you don’t feel good wearing it, leave it at home.

What should I wear?
Most often you want to choose solids and keep your clothing simple.

Women should generally wear a variety of necklines (mostly open neck). Straps, tank tops, v necks, sleeveless…button down and non-bulky turtlenecks are also fine.

Necklines to avoid: Boat Necks, Cowl Necks, and Bulky Turtlenecks. These kinds of tops DO NOT photograph well for a headshot.

Men should generally wear clothes for a more layered look, which will add more dimensions to your headshot (t-shirt, collared shirt, sweaters, jackets, etc.).

Men: If you are considering a suit and tie, make sure your shirt fits you properly around the neck. Please try on your shirt(s) before your session. This is the number one issue I see with guys and it can ruin a headshot if it is not a good fit. Ties: bring several that you like. We usually hold all of them up in front of the camera at the beginning of the session to see which one photographs best for color and patterns.

You should arrive with Hair and Makeup ready.

A few days beforehand, give yourself a close-up in your mirror.  Take a look at your eyebrows and skin pores and use any last minute cleansers or exfoliation to have a fresh clean look. Light face makeup is recommended to reduce shine and eye makeup to create some attention around your eyes.

You should arrive with your hair ready. Bring your hair products in case you need to make any final adjustments.

A few days beforehand give yourself a close-up in your mirror. Take a look at your eyebrows, nose and ear hairs and trim them up. The camera sees what you see this close. Also, check out your skin around your nose and perform a facial scrub or cleanser to have a fresh clean look.

I do not recommend that you wear any jewelry during a headshot session. Jewelry including necklaces and earrings can be very reflective and distracting to the eye in you headshot.

professional makeup is not required. I recommend light makeup.

Men: please do not wear any makeup. Any minor blemishes can be addressed during the retouching.

I will be performing the retouching your final headshot.

I am an experienced retoucher and I enjoy the process. I like to keep things looking natural.

Standard retouching includes minor blemish removal; teeth whitening, eye brightening and a consistent look with your coworkers.

If you have any additional requests please let me know.