$225 One Look Headshot Session

This package Includes the following: 

  • 30 Minutes of Studio Photography Time
    • 30 minutes provides time for warmup and one outfit or look
    • Warmup and Headshot Coaching
    • White / Gray /  Black seamless paper for a solid background 
    • Men’s or Women’s Headshot Lighting 
    • Arrive Wardrobe and Hair / Makeup Ready
  • About 75 photos taken
    • We will review and edit down your photographs together and select about 20 of your best photos
    • Those photos will get uploaded to dropbox so you can review them and share the link with acting coach, friends & family
  • One Professionally Retouched Image
    • I use licensed software and have been trained in retouching to bring out the real you
    • Retouching includes – hair adjustments, blemish removal, skin softening, eye sharpening, reduce redness
    • I will perform all of the editing of your photos, No Outsourcing 
    • You can have them saved in Color or B&W for Print or Web Sizes
    • The files can be saved smaller for the websites like Twitter, Linkedin & Facebook
    • I will deliver them within 48 Hours by email after you have made your selections
    • Additional retouched Images available for $35 each

Please let me know if you have any questions about this quote or would like to talk further about what you need for your headshot.

Peter Bo
Peter Bo
posted 1 month ago

Jason was exceptional! I have had others who have taken my head shot previously and they do not compare to the work that was presented to me by Jason. The atmosphere he creates and the tone that he sets is second to none. I was uncertain as to what to expect but he took the time to explain his philosophy and his approach to what i was about to experience. His passion for his work is incomparable! I walked away with an extraordinary head shot and a better understanding of just how important the photograph is and the story it tells.
I will recommend Jason and Freeway photography to everyone i know.
Thank you Jason, you did an AWESOME Job!

Drew Von Euw
Drew Von Euw
posted 3 weeks ago

This was a great experience. Jason was very knowledgeable and easy to work. He has a great studio and equipment, and knows how to help you feel comfortable before the shoot begins. It’s a very interactive experience, and he makes sure you leave satisfied that you have the right pictures for what you need! I highly recommend him.

Jason Stewart
Jason Stewart
posted 1 month ago

If you're like me, the thought of getting headshot photos for the world to see is not very comforting. Let's face it, most of us feel like we're not very photogenic people. With that said, Jason truly changed my way of thinking. Not only was he very professional and comforting, he genuinely has the passion, vision, and willingness to work with you to get you exactly what you're looking for. Not only did I get great great photos, I actually had a great experience in the process! I look forward to working with Jason again and I would recommend him to anyone.

Thanks again!

Porter Anderson
Porter Anderson
posted 1 month ago

Jason Ludwig is the real thing. This is a photographer dedicated to headshots, so for speakers, journalists, actors, authors, politicians, business leaders, thought leaders, and others who need their public images to be right, he's my highest recommendation.

Jason takes immense care with his work, and he's using some of the most advanced lighting equipment on the market. He frequently stops to show you exactly what he's getting, so you know within the first minutes of the shoot what's happening. Together, you work out a narrative, a sense for what you're both looking for. Then he gives you loads of options to choose from, it's a really generous session in a superb studio.

A lot of us today who work as public figures in various roles have to be able to project our brands at a glance. Jason is an ally in this. He's watching for what catch light can do for your eyes, for where the right shadows are going to enhance bone structure, and for how to capitalize on your look to the best advantage of your public persona.

In short, Jason Ludwig is every bit the professional in his work that you are in yours.

I recommend him and will be returning to him for the next round of shots. #PorterEndorsed

Christian Aunspaugh
Christian Aunspaugh
posted 4 weeks ago

Jason did an excellent job of creating a comfortable and easy atmosphere. Jason was also able to grab some awesome pictures and made sure I was able to find something I was going to like. Would highly recommend.